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I came across the following video via (excellent blog). While not explicit, it definitely has something to say about organizational culture and easily leads to ask a important questions regarding our organizations.  Watch this short, 4 minute presentation and consider the questions I include below:

Consider these…

  1. How easy is it for people within your organization to share and collaborate ideas that may not have a meeting time dedicated to them?
  2. Have you created a culture of brainstorming? This has nothing to do with the amount of brainstorming you do within meetings. Do people exist within an environment where open -sharing of ideas is constantly embraced and encouraged regardless of the time or place?
  3. What systems can you create to perpetuate the interaction of ideas, increasing the chances of their connecting and growing with other ideas?

We must work to develop an environment that encourages a continual interaction of ideas, increasing the chances of greater ideas being developed through their combination.

The water cooler doesn”t cut it anymore.

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