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People generally complain about a product for one of two reasons:
  1. “It’s too complicated to use.”  (Lacks simplicity)
  2. “It doesn’t do what I want it to.”  (Lacks functionality)
The tension between simplicity and functionality exists within every organization.  And when not intentionally balanced, the two become enemies of one another.  We hear it in churches all the time…
“If all we offer is ___________, what will we do about people who need ___________?”  (“We need more function!”)
“If we provide all of those _____________, people will never be able to find what they need!”  (“We need to be simple!”)
Somewhere between the extremes of simple and functional lies the “sweet spot” that allows for both.  Steve Jobs found that balance for Apple which, in part, made him legendary.  And your organization can find it as well.  Consider the following with your team…
  • Do we each as individuals naturally tend toward simplicity or functionality?
  • Do we as a team/organization naturally tend toward simplicity or functionality?
  • What necessary functions are we not providing for the sake of simplicity?
  • What functions can we combine, cut, or categorize to regain simplicity?
Become simply functional.
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