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“I have a dream.”

Four of history’s most memorable words were never actually meant to be said.  MLK, Jr. spent most of his speech reading from his notes until a good friend and touring gospel singer spoke to him from behind the podium, “Tell them about the dream, Martin.”  At this point, the speaker noticeably broke from the script to paint a picture of the future straight from his heart.  Isn’t it interesting that this portion, the part unplanned, is the part that we remember most?

Every idea begins in the mind.  And in the mind it must be developed and planned.  In the mind its presentation must be carefully scripted.  But the ideas worth sharing grow bigger than the mind to become rooted in the heart.  And from the heart they are shared with the passion that inspires.
After discovering and developing an idea or vision for the future, it seems natural to communicate that idea through the plan.  After all, the plan explains it best.  The plan proves that it is achievable.  Who could ignore the plan?!  However, the most inspiring visions are those that appear slightly beyond reach.  In fact, didn’t you believe in the idea before you wrote the plan?
Share the idea and share the plan.  But until you couple that plan with the courage to leave the script and speak from the heart, the idea will never inspire.  
Plans speak to the mind but passion speaks to the heart.
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