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If you began developing your vision by drafting a single statement, you probably undershot it.  Vision is so much more than a sentence.  It paints an image of what your organization desires for the future, providing the passion and heart for everything you do.  Energized by its vision, a healthy organization passionately pursues that thing it cares most about.
True vision cannot be contained by 10 words and a period.  In fact, its owners often find themselves talking for hours, still never finding words to fully express what they feel.  But unfortunately, too many churches lack true vision, operating only from a bland, cliche statement rather than a genuine expression of heart.
A vision statement is only a summary.  When it becomes the entirety, the vision has lost passion.
If you find yourself questioning your organization”s passion, consider the following attributes of true vision:
1.  True vision is outward focused
Your organization is only the means by which you pursue vision, not the result of the vision itself.  The people or city you are working to reach should remain the sole focus.  Ask yourself, “If our vision is fulfilled, who primarily benefits?”  If it”s the people already in your church, you may need to readjust.  In a consumeristic society, I honestly believe that most people feel refreshed by a chance to act for someone else.
2.  True vision is not readily achievable
I know good leaders set achievable goals.  But vision is not a goal, it is the single thing every goal points toward.  People are attracted to causes that seem a little out of reach.  Consider the justice movements that have gained so much recent attention.  A logical thinker might conclude, “you could never really end injustice.”  But try telling that to the millions of activists.  The fact that an idea seems logically impossible does not necessarily make it unworthy of pursuit.  Beside, if your vision seemed achievable, where would God”s part be?
3.  True vision is constantly communicated
Every service, every publication, every video, every email… every medium of communication should reflect your organization”s heart.  Take advantage of all opportunity to expression the vision.  “But won”t it become redundant and worn out?”  Not if your vision is more than a statement.  When vision comes from the heart, you will find yourself constantly communicating it in new ways that are always inspiring.
This week, carve out some time to take a fresh look at your vision.  Not the statement on your wall but the passion in your heart.
Are you focusing outward?
Are you pursuing the unachievable?
And are you saying it constantly?
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