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Tuesday’s post focused on the need to identify our church”s strengths and communicate the true value we offer to Christ”s seekers and followers.  Recently, I read Church Unique as a part of a coaching network with Tony Morgan.  In his book, Will Mancini provides an incredible process for any leadership team seeking a better understanding and use of its church”s distinctive strengths.  It was honestly one of the best books I have read on the visioning and strategic planning process.  The book itself is unique in that it does not provide a “one size fits all” church model.  Instead, Mancini maps a clear process that any team can use to develop the vision and strategy that personally fits the context of its organization.

Consider some my personal highlights:
  • “The central strategy you choose is not as important as whether there is ownership and integration around whatever strategy you choose.” (xxvii)
  • “A leader can free people to embrace change by connecting their identity to the core ideology.”  [And away from a specific method.] (46)
  • “What are the unique resources and capabilities that God brings together in [your church]?” (89)
  • “A mission statement by itself…still allows competing pictures of how the church should function or what the future looks like.” (114)
  • “No strategy = Meaningless ministries = Confusion about next steps” (139)
  • “Programs don”t attract people; people attract people.” (149)
  • “Vision is always a solution to a prior problem.” (186)
  • “Structure for strategy over affinity.” [Affinity examples: Young adults, Men”s, etc.] (220)
The book is packed with so many great tools that could never be contained by a single post.  You”ll have to read Church Unique to learn more about…
  • The 100-80 Rule for decision-making
  • Using the “Strategic Outsider”
  • Your Kingdom Concept
  • Developing your Vision Frame
  • The A to B Structure of a Mission Statement
  • The Vision-Casting Spider Diagram

If your church leadership team is in need of genuine self-reflection and redirection, Church Unique is an absolute “must-read”.  If you”ve read the book, leave a comment and let me know your favorite takeaways!

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